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Vilas Jalindar Divekar

(BE. Mechanical     Engineer, 1993 , Pune University)

Vilas Jalindar Divekar, commonly/popularly known as Bapu, was born into one of the prestigious families of Varvand village. In 1990 he completed the degree of BE in Mechanical Engineering and started his career as an engineer. Bapu, who had the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, also worked in fields other than Mechanical as well. He tried his luck in various other fields such as Electronics, notebook manufacturing and Logistics. During this journey, he made many dear friends. Among them was the excellent Narhari Ramchandra Chougule (BE, Electronics Engineer, 1993, Pune University). For many years Bapu worked in partnership with Narhari dada to run the Electronic company, Hilo-Tech automation. Later in 2005 Bapu entered into the industry of construction by starting a new business of Vivekananda Divekar and Associates. As a professional he began to create new and significant marks in industry. The construction industry proved to be beneficial for Bapu. During this period he completed many residential, commercial, industrial, institutional projects and became a renowned builder in Daund Taluka. This was the period when Vivekanand Divekar and Associates secured a strong foundation. Bapu, an ingenious and accomplished professional, left this world on 1st January, 2015.

Vivekanand Vilas Divekar

(BE. Civil    Engineer,  BA. Psychology, MA. Clinical    Psychology)

Vivekanand Divekar completed his BE, Civil Engineer degree. Later, in 2014, Vivekanand started handling the business and took it to new heights of achievement. Having his passion for design industry, Vivekanand later set the record of completing more than 500 projects just in 6 years in the fields of architecture and structural designing, technical consultancy, interior design, on-site consultancy, and Vastu Shastra. He has created a beautiful impression of his design style on many projects including commercial, Government, and residential. He has been praised for his work by many notable personalities like Khasdar Supriya Tai Sule.
In 2022, he received the award of "Aadarsh Yuva Udyojak" from Varvand village. Vivekanand, a person who is naturally persistent and hardworking, has kept on  moving forward on the path of success by following the foot steps of his father. From working on computer designing in 10th std. under the guidance of his father, to taking up a big responsibility at the age of 21, Vivekanand has set an example for the youth by taking his business to great heights of success.
Currently more than 20 Civil engineers, Architect, Interior designer and Vastu Shastradnya are working under Vivekanand Divekar and Associates.

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